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Inspired by the love of Jesus to love God and to love others

In the Old Testament, the high priest was the mediator between God and His people.  His job was to regularly offer animal sacrifices according to the law and to intercede with God for forgiveness for the people’s sins.  Jesus Christ is now our high priest.  He came to earth as a human being; therefore He understands our weaknesses and shows mercy to us.  He has, once and for all, paid the penalty for our sins by His own sacrificial death and He can be depended on to restore our broken relationship with God.  We are released from sin’s domination over us when we commit ourselves fully to Christ trusting completely in what He has done for us.

Knowing that Jesus suffered pain and faced temptation helps us face our trials.  Jesus understands our struggles because He has faced them as a human being.  We can trust Jesus to help us survive suffering and overcome temptation.  So it is important when we face trials to turn to Jesus for strength and patience - to remind ourselves of His example and to ask for God’s Holy Spirit to fill us and enable us to be strong in the face of all the trials and temptations that we face.

We have a hope
that is steadfast and certain,
gone through the curtain
and touching the throne;
we have a Priest
who is there interceding
pouring His grace
on our lives day by day.


Caroline, Rector

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